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Add an image sensor. This devices acts as a motion detector, but takes still pictures you can upload to your phone to verify an alarm event, or just "peek" in to check in on your property. $150 installed.

The thermostat allows you to control and monitor your HVAC system. $150 installed.

The IQ Panel 2 from QOLSYS is state of the art and features a 7" LCD panel is now available featuring This panel has a dual-band radio that communicates with and the monitoring center via cellular and Wi-Fi to ensure communication. Bluetooth allows communication with your phone for auto-disarming when in range and zwave for home automation, allowing you to control your lights, locks, thermostats and other devices in your home or business.  The panel has a built on glass break detector and camera that can take pictures/video in the event of an alarm and upload to your phone.  The panel can also upload photos of the person(s) disarming the panel so you can verify who is in your home/business.

Panel starts at $550 and includes 3 doors sensors and a motion detector.  Add other security sensors, light switches, outlets, door locks, garage openers and thermostats as you want. Monitoring is $30/month for residential, $35 for commercial accounts.

Interested in video cameras for your home. There are all kinds of designer cameras to fit your home's decor. Cameras can be hardwired or wireless. View them on your smartphone or tablet and store video clips on the cloud or a digital video recorder.'s new SVR recorder allows up to 8 cameras to record high definition video 24/7. Available in 1 TB. Starts at just $250 for the DVR. Cameras start at $200.

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Custom Packages Available


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Concord 4

This panel is built for the commercial building. Add the radio to control your system through your phone.  Complete control of your lights, locks, thermostats and more.


System allows 99 user codes and up to 97 sensors/zones.  South Central Alarm can pre-program the system to your specifications for easier installation.  Monitoring starts at just $30/month.